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Our Vision

A world in which people are THRIVING: first in their health, then in their life!

We all want to thrive. To have a full and satisfying life. To work, to play, to travel and move about, to live long, to best love our family and friends, to feel good.


Whatever thriving looks like to you, we believe that it starts with your health. When you are thriving in your health—when all your systems are functioning at the best of their ability, when you don't have to spend energy every day fighting against things going on in your body and mind—then you can begin to thrive in your life!

We are convinced that the life-giving, life-supporting properties of nature can help your health thrive. And we believe that filling your body and life with the right stuff from nature is the best and most sustainable path to get there.

Our Mission

To help people take back their health using our life-giving, naturally-sourced products.

Aura's Apothecary didn't start as a business. It started because Aura really didn't want her kids to get sick. Exploring herbal remedies with her family at home helped Aura discover the truth that it's not only possible to support our health with plants and herbs, but often our bodies actually function better when they are getting nutrients directly from nature.

Now we want to help you take control of your health too. You shouldn't have to question whether the medicine you're putting in your child's body is okay for them long term; you shouldn't have to consume a diet of pills just to live your everyday life; you shouldn't have to wonder about the environmental repercussions of purchasing a product.


With our products, you don't have to.

What makes Aura's Apothecary products different?


More than pleasant aromas or flavors, each product has a purpose — to intentionally improve your health. We use the highest quality organic ingredients because whole, fresh plants are the most effective in restoring and healing our customers.


We take care of the earth that provides us with our products. We only use sustainably-sourced ingredients and strive for our production to do no harm to the planet.


We look into the roots and history of every ingredient and combination of ingredients. We know why those ingredients work and the time-tested ways they’ve been healing people over the centuries.

Don't take our word for it! Try the products for yourself.

Our four product lines help make it easy for you to find the perfect product for your body, tailored to your specific health needs. Shop by clicking any button below.

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