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Energy Support

Just because I'm tired doesn't mean I'm sick...does it?

No. But in the same way that a dead battery effects the performance of your phone, your energy levels do affect your overall health and performance.

You need good energy to be healthy. To get good energy, you need healthy adrenal glands, a healthy brain, and sleep (which heals your brain...go figure). We have a whole line of products dedicated to your adrenals and brain because of the enormous impact they make on your life.

Purpose Teas

Loose leaf teas filled with herbs, flowers, roots, seeds, & berries - each carefully formulated for a specific purpose.

Find the tea that fits your need. Start with a sample for only $4.99.

Adrenal Adaptogenic...What?

Sitting on top of your kidneys are little glands called adrenals that have a massive impact on your energy levels. These glands help your body to respond appropriately to stress, convert food to energy, and regulate blood pressure and heart health. When those glands are asked to function without rest, however (as regularly happens in a fast-paced, stress-inducing culture), they start to shut down and cause all kinds of problems.

Our Adrenal Chai and Adrenal Tea are specifically designed to support and bring life back to your adrenal glands. They do this with powerful herbs known as adaptogens. Adaptogenic herbs specifically help your body adjust to stress and feed your endocrine system (where your adrenal glands function) what it needs to start healing.

Unlike caffeine, which jolts your system and worsens the stress on your body, adaptogens recharge your body naturally, giving you a new baseline of energy health. It's not instant, but it's super effective. Get started with adaptogens today!

Enjoy flat rate shipping of $7.99

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