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Nothing beats the warming comfort of a good spiced Chai. Except maybe one that can help support your adrenal glands too! 


Delicious both hot and cold, Adrenal Chai is infused with warming spices, black tea, and adaptogenic herbs that help your body adapt to stress and support adrenal function. If need a boost, this tea is exactly what you need.

The purpose of this tea is to support the endocrine system and healthy adrenal gland function.



All claims and descriptions have not been evaluated by the FDA. Read our full disclaimer here.


Adrenal Support Chai

  • FULL SIZE = approximately 20 servings (7.5oz.)

    SAMPLE SIZE = approximately 3 servings

    Serving size = 1.25 Tbsp.


    Contains: Black Tea, Eleuthero Root, Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon, Fennel, Black Peppercorn


    Lightly Caffeinated.