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To care for the earth is to care for ourselves.

Now, more than ever, we all have to take serious action to make sure that planet Earth remains a sustainable place for life for years to come. We believe in doing everything we can, and we believe that you do too. Every purchase you make at Aura's Apothecary helps continue and improve sustainable practices in our company and around the world. Thank you for helping us take care of the Earth as it takes care of us!

Sourced Naturally

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100% Organic Ingredients +

Recyclable Packaging

We ask as little of the Earth as possible.


By using ingredients that are certified 100% organic we are not pumping pesticides into the soil (or into your body).

By providing packaging that is raw and recyclable, we are not poisoning the oceans and landfills with plastics.

We hope you can be proud of supporting a small, local company doing its part to keep our planet healthy for the long haul.

recyclable packaging

Powered Naturally

Carbon Neutral Energy Consumption

Our home office and manufacturing space is powered by renewable, electrical energy. We are taking active steps to completely eliminate our fossil fuel consumption for our business, including preparing financing for solar panels and electric vehicles.

It's a privilege for us to do everything sustainably so that this business helps the earth thrive! And every purchase you make helps us do more. Thank you for being part of the revolution!

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