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To care for the earth is to care for ourselves.

Now, more than ever, we all have to take serious action to make sure that planet Earth remains a sustainable place for life for years to come. We believe in doing everything we can, and we believe that you do too. Every purchase you make at Aura's Apothecary helps continue and improve sustainable practices in our company and around the world. Thank you for helping us take care of the Earth as it takes care of us!

Sourced Naturally

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100% Organic Ingredients +

Recyclable Packaging

We ask as little of the Earth as possible.


By using ingredients that are certified 100% organic we are not pumping pesticides into the soil (or into your body).

By providing packaging that is raw and recyclable, we are not poisoning the oceans and landfills with plastics.

We hope you can be proud of supporting a small, local company doing its part to keep our planet healthy for the long haul.

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Powered Naturally

Carbon Neutral Energy Consumption

We offset 100% of the carbon footprint of our building's energy use by using Renewable Energy Certificates. That means that, while we are still plugged into the grid, every penny of our utility bill goes to renewable energy sources (wind and water).

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are a great way for individuals, families, and companies of all sizes to support sustainable energy and invest in the health of the planet (not to mention our own health). You can learn more about RECs—and how you can get started for FREE—below.

What on earth are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

Officially, it is the registered purchase of 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of energy from a certified renewable energy source, such as hydroelectricity, solar power, or wind turbines. Effectively, when you purchase a REC you are directly supporting green energy for your home or business.

How do RECs work?

This video from the EPA on RECs is a really helpful overview. Essentially, RECs allow you to buy your portion of electricity on the grid directly from renewable sources. A lot of people want to support green energy, but most don't have the means to put solar panels on their roofs or set up a wind turbine in their backyard. Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates is the perfect way to get started.
To make it easy for us at Aura's Apothecary, we use Arcadia Power. Arcadia Power allows us to buy 100% of our electricity from a renewable source (in our case, wind energy), which completely offsets our carbon footprint. So you can feel good knowing that every product we make is done with limited impact on the planet.
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Want to offset your own carbon footprint?

For most of us, setting up our own source of renewable energy is currently untenable. But you can offset your own carbon footprint by purchasing REC's for your home or business. You can offset 50% of your electricity bill FOR FREE just by signing up with Arcadia Power. And if you want 100% of your electric power to come from renewable sources, it'll cost you only 1.5¢ for every dollar you spend.
Sign up today using this link, and you'll get $25 towards your first Renewable Energy Bill.

*We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Arcadia Power. We just believe in caring for the planet and want to see as many people as possible doing what they can, and we think this is no-brainer.

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