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Diverse Group of Women
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Women's Support

Our bodies are strong, confident, beautiful, and a pain in the ovaries.

Whether it's puberty, motherhood, moon cycle, or menopause, our bodies have some unique needs. Fortunately, Mother Nature understands, and has provided just the right ingredients to care for us no matter what stage of womanhood we are in and no matter where our pain comes from. Get what your body needs, wherever you are, and don't let anything hold you back!

Purpose Teas

Loose leaf teas filled with herbs, flowers, roots, seeds, & berries - each carefully formulated for a specific purpose.

Find the tea that fits your need. Start with a sample for only $4.99.

Go With The Flow Cream

A note from Aura, the Apothecary

"The first time I got my period I thought I was dying. (Seriously, nobody had told me it would feel like my insides were coming out.) As I got didn't get better. I would lose at least a full day (and often two) of my life every month just dealing with cramps, pain, and brain fog. There HAD to be a better way.

So I started trying to formulate something that would help me take my week back. I experimented with different essential oils and herbs until I finalized this recipe. When I did, it felt like finding the Holy Grail - it actually worked! Now I don't lose even an hour of my life. And my girls are going to grow up realizing that they don't have to be held hostage by their ovaries once a month...for 40 years. You don't have to either.
Grab this cream and stick it in your purse (our travel sizes are perfect for traveling).
Relief now comes in rub-on."

Go With The Flow Cream is ideal for relieving pain from cramping. If you also have brain fog and bloating, or if you want an extra dose of pain relief, try the Go With The Flow Tea as well.

Enjoy flat rate shipping of $7.99

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