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Emotional Support

One more time, for the people in the back: Emotional Health Counts!

Our vision is to see a world in which people are thriving...that can't happen unless we are thriving on the inside too. Herbal care isn't exclusively for sore throats and headaches; there are amazing plants and herbal remedies that do wonders for our emotional state too. It's not a panacea or a replacement for medical care, but these products can help your inner self thrive too.

Purpose Teas

Loose leaf teas filled with herbs, flowers, roots, seeds, & berries - each carefully formulated for a specific purpose.

Find the tea that fits your need. Start with a sample for only $4.99.

Is Kava Safe?

Native to the western Pacific islands, the Kava-Kava Root has been used ceremonially and practically by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It is passed around at inter-tribal meetings to keep everyone calm and stress-free during the communications, going with the saying, "You can't be angry with Kava in your system."

But you may have heard danger reports and advice from western medical people that Kava can cause liver damage and should be avoided. Why is that, when that has never been a problem in its millennia of use? Partly because, especially early in its integration in the west, some folks did three things really wrong.

First, they used the whole plant. But only the Kava-Kava ROOT is good for you. Second, they infused it in alcohol or even acetone (no wonder the liver damage). Kava is water soluble, and should never be mixed with alcohol.​ Third (as people looking to make money are likely to do) they didn't carefully source Kava, which is always a bad idea.

When sourced and prepared properly and taken safely in appropriate quantities, Kava can be a profound help for your body in coping with the stress you are bombarded with. The Kava at Aura's Apothecary is sourced from a reliable provider and is in a small amount, just enough to be effective. We have found it to be not only safe, but a wonderful addition to our lives. As always, if you have concerns, we highly encourage you to speak with a health provider you trust about this plant and whether it is right for you.

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