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Vitality Support

Get it up. Keep it up. (We mean your vitality...what did you think?)

We often ignore our sexual side and vitality (life force energy) when we think about our health. But our hormones play a huge role in our daily functioning! They affect our mood, our energy levels, our ability to sleep, and, of course, our chemical and sexual health. Caring for your hormones and giving your body the nutrition it needs to pump out all those good chemicals throughout the day allows you to bring the best you to every moment.

Purpose Teas

Loose leaf teas filled with herbs, flowers, roots, seeds, & berries - each carefully formulated for a specific purpose.
Find the tea that fits your need. Start with a sample for only $4.99.

The Perfect One-Two Punch

(For an AMAZING night!)

Yes, plants can help you have a great sexual experience! These two products help give your body what it needs—inside and out—to be at your best when engaging your sexual side. The Vitality Powder is a shortcut to healthy energy, low stress, and improved circulation. The Cocoa Massage Oil is natural (quite healthy, actually) and safe to use as a personal lubricant (and, yes, it's safe to ingest a little too).

So pick up both of these unique products and let the plants in them help your body be ready to give and receive tonight!

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