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"Nature itself is the best physician."

- Hippocrates

Being sick sucks.

Drippy noses. Persistent coughs. Headaches. Upset Stomachs. Constant low energy. Anxiety. Depression. Cramps. When our health suffers, everything suffers along with it. That’s because our bodies take energy to heal; energy that, otherwise, would be going to our life: our families, our work, our productivity, our fun. And, funny thing, life doesn't just stop when you aren't feeling well - your kids still need to go to school, your job still needs you to work, your family still needs you to make dinner. We need a solution.

Nature is that solution. 

Our bodies were created to feed off the harvest of the Earth. We are surrounded by plants that provide life-giving nutrients that help our bodies recover and thrive. (Chances are, you probably have many of them in your kitchen right now.) Humanity has been using nature to improve our health for thousands of years, across every culture. It is our mission to help you mine the benefits of these time-tested resources in an easy-to-use and sustainable way so that you can begin feeling good! We didn't start Aura's Apothecary to make money; we started it because we wanted to be healthy. And this stuff works. It works for our bodies, our life, and our budget, and we know it will work for yours as well.

What does your body need?

Every body is different, and we all have different needs. Start by exploring our different product lines to see what YOUR body needs.

Headaches. Sore throats. Upset stomachs. THE ICK. When your body is dealing with some issue, our physical support products will help alleviate the symptoms and boost your immunity so you can get better faster and get on with your life.

Instead of dosing with caffeine or snacking on salty foods to get an energy boost, our energy support products give your body what it needs to produce its own energy—and avoid the crash!

Your health is more than just physical wellness. It's okay to say that you're not feeling okay. We get it. We've been there. Our emotional support products help you feel better even when there's "nothing wrong."

Ladies. Our bodies are unique, and they need unique care. Our women's support products have been designed by a woman (me, Aura) for women to meet those unique needs.

Way cheaper and way healthier than Viagra, our vitality support products help regulate your hormones and give you a good dose of liveliness. It's not just about sex, it's about thriving!

How do I get started?

Try a sample​. You can sample any tea at Aura's Apothecary for only $5, and any salve for only $7. Get some things and see how they work for you. Then, once you know what helps you feel good, keep it coming!

Our dirty little secret...

The secret to Aura's Apothecary products is that they don't actually heal your body. ​Instead, they feed your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself! Your body knows how to thrive...sometimes it just needs to be reminded and encouraged with a little boost. That's the magic. That's the secret: your body is good. We are just here to help it along.

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