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He hung up and texted his best friend, Robert Willard, who was back in town after a break. "Pfft, I'm not that clever, Robert," Gayle responded. Willard, 31, texted back: "That one is easy." That one was an ordinary text exchange between friends who met up in December to celebrate Christmas and New Year's, leaving on the holiday to fly back to their respective homes in New York and the Bay Area, respectively. But the one to come two days later was different: something was off, and Willard was on to it. "He's gone," Willard texted Gayle's husband, Tristan Fowlkes. Hanging up and calling Fowlkes was odd, but Willard and Fowlkes were old friends who'd been hanging out at the San Francisco home of Gayle's parents, Fowlkes' parents and stepmother. And Willard didn't have to whisper about Gayle's disappearance. The next morning, the couple called Gayle's cellphone and found that she wasn't answering it. Then they started calling friends and relatives, getting different answers. "One girl said she had a telephone call from her, and it was Gayle," Fowlkes said. "I don't know who was calling her. It was a young lady. She said her name was Kristen and that her mother had just taken Gayle home." Rikki Gayle, a 26-year-old yoga teacher from Columbus, Ohio, was dead. Authorities have not named a cause of death. The medical examiner's office told the Fowlkes that her lungs were full of fluid and her blood showed signs of dehydration, but the exact cause of death is pending toxicology and other tests. "My wife and I weren't talking to each other about anything, and I don't know how the other people knew," Fowlkes said. "It's so weird, because it's not like me and her have talked about it in the past. I don't even think we were in the same room when we talked." After Gayle was reported missing, investigators received a cellphone image of a man in a car outside her South Los Angeles home on Dec. 2, a day after Christmas. The picture, which Fowlkes said was sent by a friend of the family who heard from Gayle's mother, was the first sign




LS Models Unsorted Picturesgolkes keebir

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